How Oberlin Works

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General Faculty

General Faculty Committees

General Faculty Committees

General Faculty committees allow faculty, administrators, and students (when appropriate) to collaborate in managing various aspects of the College. In addition to General Faculty committees, each division—the Conservatory and the College of Arts and Sciences—has committees to manage division-specific issues.

Faculty Committee Appointment Process

Memberships of committees are determined either by appointment or by election. Early in the second semester of each year, each faculty members receives a committee preference form. Respective faculties make appointments upon recommendation of the appropriate nominating committee. The nominating committees make their recommendations taking into account expressed preferences of the faculty members and the necessity for continuity on some committees. Ordinarily, new faculty members are not assigned to committees during their first year of service. The faculty or faculties may also specify election for certain ad hoc committees that are authorized. Faculty members do not normally serve on committees during years in which they are on leave for one or both semesters.