How Oberlin Works

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General Faculty

The General Faculty is responsible for the internal management of the College. Its members include all Oberlin faculty members, certain administrators, and members of Student Senate. It makes or approves legislation that affects the whole College, such as grading policy or adoption of the Strategic Plan, and has historically passed resolutions concerning broad social issues. It is also responsible for regulations for the conduct of students, classes, and student organizations, and discusses the general welfare of the institution; however, individual faculties and subcommittees do much of this work. The General Faculty must obtain the concurrence of the Board of Trustees if establishing significant changes in established methods or principles of administration.


President (chair)
Senior Staff
Assistant and Associate Deans
All professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors
Head of Libraries
Medical Coordinator
Divisional Directors of Admissions
Director of Career Services
Director of Financial Aid
Invited members of the student body (traditionally Student Senate, although not specified in the Bylaws)