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Residential Education

The Office of Residential Education (ResEd) enables the extension and enhancement of academic learning beyond the classroom. This is accomplished through providing quality programming, efficient services, and safe and comfortable facilities. ResEd maintains a personal presence in students’ lives through its staff of resident assistants (RAs), lead resident assistants (LRAs), and village assistants (VAs), full-time students who help build community, involve students in College programs, resolve conflicts, and uphold College rules. RAs, LRAs, and VAs report to professional staff who live in College housing and support and oversee their efforts toward fostering community. The offices of ResEd are located on the ground floor of Stevenson Hall in Griswald Commons. In addition to managing student housing, ResEd provides the following services:

  • Prints and maintains ID cards for the Oberlin community
  • Manages the Obie Dollars program
  • Assists students in planning safe on-campus parties
  • Manages the Carpet Tiles program
  • Connects new students with Bed, Bath, and Beyond for its student shopping program

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