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Admissions (Con)

The Office of Conservatory Admissions handles the admissions process for the Conservatory by facilitating auditions and gathering other application materials. Because the audition is the single most important factor in admission to the Conservatory, faculty input is a key piece of the Conservatory admissions process. In order to acquaint prospective students with Oberlin, the admissions office runs information sessions and tours of the Conservatory throughout the year, attends national visual and performing arts college fairs, and visits major summer music festivals. The office also keeps in continual contact with prospective students through email and the web. In addition, auditions for over 1,400 students are conducted on campus, across the country, and in Asia every year. The Conservatory uses the online Unified Application for Music School Admission. The College of Arts and Sciences has its own admissions office with a separate process and requirements; double-degree applicants must apply to each division individually.

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