How Oberlin Works

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Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS)

The Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS) designation covers approximately 300 of Oberlin’s administrators. This non-unionized group of College employees provides the administrative and professional knowledge for the core administrative and managerial roles throughout campus, including positions in finance, information technology, art, theater and dance, library sciences, alumni and development, athletics, music, admissions, registrar, student life and services (campus dining, career center, service and learning, student health and counseling), facilities, employee relations, and communications.

The A&PS Council maintains a site in Blackboard, the campus content management system, with access to A&PS Bylaws, Handbook, Grievance Procedures, lists of council and committee members and sponsored events. Access information is on the Administrative and Professional Staff (A&PS) website (see below).

Any member of the A&PS Assembly who believes himself/herself to have been aggrieved in a matter related to, but not restricted to, reappointment, promotion, classification, suspension, or termination, should consult the A&PS Grievance Procedures.

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