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Academic Departments and Programs (A&S)

Academic Departments and Programs (A&S)

The College of Arts and Sciences comprises 28 academic departments, 9 program committees, and 12 curricular committees. These bodies collectively offer 50 majors and 42 minors. Departments are run by their faculty, with a chair appointed by the dean and College Faculty Council (CFC). Programs are run by a program committee headed by the program director, also appointed by the dean and CFC; the difference between the two is that program committees include faculty from other departments. Programs and departments hire and promote faculty; curricular committees, on the other hand, do not, but they do in most cases run majors and offer courses. Curricular committees that do not run majors include the Danenberg Oberlin-In-London curricular committee, the quantitative proficiency curricular committee, and the multicultural studies curricular committee. Through department chairs and program directors, departments, programs, and curricular committees report to the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.