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Alumni Association

The Alumni Association consists of every person who has graduated from or has attended Oberlin, whether a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Conservatory, the Graduate Teacher Education Program, the Graduate School of Theology, or the Kindergarten Primary Training School. It provides a lifelong community for students and alumni of Oberlin College, acts as a partner in supporting Oberlin’s academic and artistic excellence, and enhances commitment to Oberlin’s historic values and community service. The following themes and objectives were developed by the Association’s Executive Board to guide the activities of its committees and affiliate groups.

Themes and Objectives

The Alumni Association is a partner in setting Oberlin College policy.

  • Increase the role of the Alumni Association at all decision-making levels of the College
  • Improve communication between the Alumni Association and College decision-makers

The Alumni Association facilitates alumni involvement in College activities.

  • Increase active participation of alumni with students and other alumni
  • Make alumni better resources to prospective students, graduates, and faculty

The Alumni Association encourages its members to provide financial support to the College.

  • Increase the percentage of alumni participation in annual giving
  • Increase the size of individual contributions

The Alumni Association provides lifelong support to its members.

  • Provide opportunities to remain connected to Oberlin through various mechanisms such as reunions, the Online Community, and regional activities
  • Provide services to alumni in support of their personal and professional lives after Oberlin, e.g. affiliate groups, career services

The Alumni Association continually communicates with alumni to inform them of activities and services and to assess changing needs of the alumni community.

  • Promote a consistent message regarding the benefits of involvement with the Alumni Association
  • Encourage coordination of all communication with alumni to emphasize tie-ins with the Alumni Association

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