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Experimental College

Experimental College

The Experimental College (ExCo) is both a student organization and a department of the College. It supplements the traditional Oberlin education by providing classes that are missing from the rest of the curriculum. Courses range from classes on traditional academic topics, such as Intermediate Italian or Intro to Japanese Film, to classes that do not fit into any current department, such as Hula Hooping or the Calvin and Hobbes ExCo. Any member of the community may teach an ExCo course, regardless of College affiliation.

Five of a student’s credits needed to graduate may come from the ExCo department. Applications to teach a course are available on the ExCo website and are usually due halfway through the semester preceding when the class is to be taught. ExCo is also a community education program, since all community members are allowed to take classes, most of which are subsidized by the ExCo Committee or have a small course fee.

The ExCo Committee is the administrative arm of ExCo and is run entirely by students. It oversees and evaluates the applications of proposed courses, produces the ExCo catalogue each semester, handles everyday bureaucratic tasks, and organizes ExCo registration. The ExCo committee also checks with departments to ensure that ExCo courses do not duplicate material already being taught in a semester.

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