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Student Finance Committee

Student Finance Committee

The Student Finance Committee (SFC) and Office of the Student Treasurer work together to distribute the Student Activity Fee, which is currently $318 per student, totaling approximately $900,000. SFC is a volunteer organization appointed by Student Senate, and the Office of the Student Treasurer is managed by a paid student staff. The Student Activity Fee is used to increase the quality of life of the campus community of Oberlin College through support of student organizations, residence hall councils, and other campus projects. SFC allocates through three different processes: spring budgeting, appeals, and weekly ad hoc sessions.

Student Finance Committee

The Student Finance Committee is established by the Constitution of the Association of Students of Oberlin College and governed by the Student Financial Charter and the committee bylaws. The SFC is made of seven committee members who are selected by the Student Senate. A student senator serves as the Student Finance Chair of the Senate and as a co-chair of the SFC; the remaining six members of SFC are selected from the student body at large, with a minimum of one first-year student. The committee selects a second co-chair and any other officers it deems necessary at the beginning of each semester.

Office of the Student Treasurer

The Office of the Student Treasurer manages all paperwork required for the administration of the Student Activity Fee including approval of day-to-day expenditures (which have been allocated by the committee), posting data in the SFC accounting ledger, signing timecards for student organization emplyees, and training organization treasurers. In addition to the student treasurer and assistant treasurer, the office employs two controllers, two office assistants, a technology manager, and a committee coordinator.

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