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Student Honor Committee

The Student Honor Committee (SHC) supervises the Oberlin College Honor System. The student body of Oberlin College, with the approval of the General Faculty, originated and adopted the Honor System, which gives to students full responsibility for academic integrity. The administration of the Honor System requires the collective and individual cooperation of the entire College community. Oberlin’s Honor System is designed to protect students’ academic freedom. One of the primary responsibilities of the Student and Faculty Honor committees is to educate the student body and faculty about the purpose, scope, and spirit of the Honor System. The Student and Faculty Honor committees maintain an open channel of communication between the Honor committees and the larger campus community. Ordinarily, the SHC consists of 15 members (with 11 being the absolute minimum). Reasonable efforts are made to ensure that there is at least one sophomore, one Conservatory student, three men, and three women among the members of the SHC.