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Student Government

Student Senate

Student Seats on Faculty Committees

Student Seats on Faculty Committees

There are over 50 designated student seats on faculty committees filled via appointment by Student Senate. The senate’s two committee coordinators work with the general counsel and secretary’s office to identify open student seats on committees, and take applications and conduct interviews for potential committee members. The Student Senate then votes to appoint students to the various committees. In general, students are full voting members of any committee to which they are appointed; committees in which student participation is inappropriate (such as Benefits) simply do not have student seats. 

Faculty committees have 58 total student seats:
General Faculty—15
Academic Calendar—2
Admissions and Financial Aid—2
Community Board—6
Community-Based Learning—2
Educational Technology—2
Environmental Sustainability—2
Finney Lecture—2
Musical Studies/Double Degree—2
Student Assemblies—2
Student Life—3
Winter Term—3
Educational Plans and Policies Committee (EPPC - A&S)—4
Educational Policy (EPC - Con)—2
New Music (Con)—2