How Oberlin Works

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Admissions (A&S)

The Office of Admissions handles the admissions process for the College of Arts and Sciences by determining whether Oberlin is a good fit for each prospective student. It does so by developing relationships with prospective students and showing them through many avenues—high school visits, college fairs, blogs, campus tours, overnight stays, emails—the value of an Oberlin education. Oberlin offers two rounds of early decision for students who are supremely confident that Oberlin is where they want to go to college, as well as a regular decision option. Admission to the College of Arts and Sciences is determined by many factors, including high school GPA, rank, standardized test scores, essays, and recommendations. Applications are read by several members of the admissions staff before the Admissions Committee reaches a final decision. The Conservatory of Music has its own admissions office with a separate process and requirements; double-degree applicants must apply to each division individually.

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