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Professional Conduct Review Committee (GF)

Professional Conduct Review Committee (GF)

The Professional Conduct Review Committee considers formal complaints about the professional conduct made against any individual holding a faculty appointment at Oberlin College. Formal complaints of sexual offense are handled by the Sexual Offense Policy Coordinator and the Sexual Offense Review Committee. The Professional Conduct Review Committee consists of six Arts and Sciences faculty and three Conservatory faculty elected by members of the General Faculty whose terms of appointment are subject in whole or in part to action by a divisional faculty council, and to the president and deans of the College and Conservatory (i.e. principally faculty and not administrators). Committee members are elected for terms of one year, effective at the beginning of the academic year following their election.

According to the Faculty Guide, normally before filing a formal complaint, efforts must have been undertaken to resolve the complaint informally. If the complaint is not resolved at the departmental level, the divisional dean should be involved; formal complaints should be filed promptly; for example, normally no longer than six months after the alleged misconduct. In hearing a complaint, the committee selects four of its members to serve as an Investigative Panel and the remaining five serve, if needed, as the Hearing Panel for the case. More details of the committee’s procedures are included in the Faculty Guide. The range of possible actions that the committee may recommend include (but are not limited to) conclusion of the case without sanction; imposition of sanction such as warning, reprimand, suspension; or initiation of dismissal proceedings.


6 A&S faculty
3 Con faculty