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General Faculty Mediation Committee (GF)

General Faculty Mediation Committee (GF)

The General Faculty Mediation Committee serves to facilitate resolution of conflict which may result from a personnel decision by a faculty council. The committee consists of six Arts and Sciences faculty and three Conservatory faculty elected by members of the General Faculty whose terms of appointment are subject in whole or in part to action by a divisional faculty council, and to the president and deans of the College and Conservatory (i.e. principally faculty and not administrators). Committee members are elected for terms of one year, effective at the beginning of the academic year following their election.

A faculty member who is dissatisfied with a faculty council’s personnel decision (concerning tenure, reappointment, promotion, or salary) regarding himself or herself may consult with the divisional dean and the departmental or program chair. The faculty member may then petition for review of the decision either by requesting that the council reconsider its decision, or by requesting that the Mediation Committee seek resolution of the matter. The committee automatically hears cases involving tenure or reappointment; for cases involving promotion or salary, the committee decides whether mediation is merited on the basis of the petitioner’s detailed statement of reasons for requesting mediation. Details of the mediation process can be found in the Faculty Guide.


6 A&S faculty
3 Con faculty