How Oberlin Works

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The Alumni Association helps alumni maintain a strong connection to Oberlin and to each other through a wide variety of programs and service opportunities. The association has several levels of self-government to effectively serve and represent more than 40,000 living alumni. The Alumni Council is the main governing body of the association, and its 300-plus members convene annually on campus for meetings of committees and also with Oberlin administrators. Alumni Council's Executive Board has 13 to 19 members; it guides the work of the council and thus the entire association. All members of Alumni Council and the Executive Board are dedicated volunteers for Oberlin, and work with an even larger group of Oberlin volunteers that is not part of the association's Alumni Council. These groups include the Admissions Recruiting Network, Career Mentors, affiliate groups, and regional clubs. The Alumni Association is led by a president, who works with an executive director (a College administrator) and a staff of full-time employees who support the invaluable work of the association on behalf of Oberlin.